“It was difficult at first, admitting we needed help.  Mike sat down with us (me and my husband) and carefully organized a budget. I never thought I would be able to stick to the plan and make the numbers work.  It did take time and practice, along with discipline, but we are on the road to recovery.  Thanks Mike for your caring heart!”


“Mike Burt has proved himself to be a faithful leader and accountability partner in managing the financial resources that God has blessed me with. His guidance and support have assisted me in making more responsible and realistic decisions with my money in pursuit of my long-term goal to be debt free!”


“Working with him (Mike) has allowed me to see how my generosity could be increased and how God is faithful to bless those that serve others. I am so grateful for this ministry!“


“As a business owner, it is vital that monies are accounted for to sustain the business. Mike reviewed and made a few recommendations that I followed up on. For example, my auto insurance was switched with a savings of over $150.00 a year.  Meeting with Mike also confirmed that I am on course and this was certainly a relief.”


“I feel very strongly that we should be wise stewards of our finances but many times we do not know where to turn for sound financial advice. The work that (Mike) does is desperately needed and greatly appreciated.  Thanks again for your concern, caring attitude and love of God.”


“L&MM is a ministry that has my best interest at heart. Mike has directed me in

  • Assuring my family is taken care of in case of an emergency.
  • Guiding me with a plan so that my family would be provided for at the time of my death.
  • Giving me options for retirement--being self employed, the thought of retirement seemed impossible before the advice. 
  • Helping with future possibilities and options I will have when the time is right to sell the business.”


“ When my grandmother died several years ago, I saw how money split my family.  After the counsel of Mike, I see how to avoid the mistakes that can generate hostility.  The best benefit I received is being educated on ways to avoid alienating my family.  My entire philosophy of money has changed.  It finally stuck that I am the user of God’s resources and not the owner.  Never in my life have I’ve been at such peace with ‘money’.”


“When we closed our business, life as we had known it changed in one day.  We were faced with reorganizing our finances, while still taking care of our financial obligations.  With Mike's guidance and counseling we created a new financial plan/budget, which was a major lifestyle change for our family.  We were so thankful to have a source to go to that offered prayer, support and positive direction throughout this process.”


“When I first inquired, my purpose was to learn about trusts and wills.  Little did I know, that two years later, I would have an estate plan/will, have my budget in order, and have investments in place!  Not only that, but Mike Burt started out as a financial counselor, but soon became my trusted coach, pastor, friend, encourager, and, ultimate cheerleader!!  L&MM is an amazing ministry that offers sound, practical, biblical advice on finances.”


“We became a single income family and we were very concerned about how this transition would be.  From our first coaching session with Mike, we have been amazed with the incredible care and encouragement that we have received.  He created a budget that allows us to be the stewards of our finances that God wants us to be.  Through his encouraging style of coaching, we have been able to pay off debt while comfortably living on one income.  We frequently ask each other “What would Mike say about that?” when discussing financial questions. Honestly, we do not know where we would be financially had we not had the guidance of Mike Burt.” 


“We are thrilled that our financial counseling sessions with Mike yielded so much valuable information and guidance. Thanks to Mike's counseling and planning, I was able to rid myself of debt and the stressful burdens it places on relationships and family budgets.”


“Mike is very understanding and really cared about our financial well-being.  He approaches it from a biblical perspective and in love.  Whether it be past mistakes or just a lack of understanding on how to implement a system to help with debt, he understands this and provides guidance with your best interest in mind.”


“Mike is a family man.  He understands the "family matters" and the concept of marriage; how finances affect both.  This makes him approachable and a trustworthy resource.  Mike wants you to win!”


“I thought I had a well-planned estate strategy. Mike’s Estate Planning showed me that this crucial area of life needs review as God reveals new strategies for us to follow.  Re-planning is also dictated by legislative changes, shifts in our family structure, and revised goals as our families mature. Through this re-planning I grasped a deeper meaning of how God views stewardship.”


“I'm thankful for Mike’s ministry. Instead of my finances controlling me, I'm now controlling my finances.”