passion for financial wellness

Life & Money Matters exists to promote financial wellness and financial literacy.

To instruct, educate and coach individuals in the areas of personal finance and estate planning, using practical and concise strategic concepts.

To observe family units living a happier, stress-free financial life by assisting them with the creation of an achievable, strategic, long-term financial and estate plan.

L&MM was founded in 2014 by Mr. Burt to broaden the use of financial strategies and as an effort to promote financial literacy and financial wellness  in corporate, government and church settings" 

Life & Money Matters offers a "holistic" strategic approach to life and money as they intersect.


Michael Burt is Executive Director and Founder of L&MM.  He served in ministry for 42 years with a 5 year hiatus into the business world as VP of a record company in Nashville, accountable for a $6M division.  He also served in the United States Marine Corps.

Burt holds Bachelor and Master degrees in Music but has most recently dedicated himself to financial coaching and estate planning.  He is certified as a Dave Ramsey Financial Coach and as an estate design strategist by Lifestyle Giving. 

Burt's practical expertise and experience was demonstrated over a 29 month period when he assisted 45 families in developing a plan to pay off over $541,000 of debt.  He also counseled 35 families with a net estate value of $56,209,149 to avoid $22,838,554 in taxes, while leaving $13,384,419 to charities.






Michael Burt - Founder

Michael Burt - Founder

Financial wellness occurs when a strategic plan is applied to a financial issue.